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Tourist attractions and sights

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Tourist attractions and sights

There are about 24 island enjoys environment plant and animal on the surface of the most important: – — Aquamarine Island in front of Bernice Coast.

– Giftun Island, Grand Giftun small in front of Hurghada coast.

– Oeumangar island in front of the Sheraton Hurghada.

– Shidwan Island in front of Hurghada coast

The coral fish are visible under the water and some of them lose Alonh as soon as he came out of the water, is the starting point for adventures underwater fishing where fishing centers available and scuba diving.      Raised a Roman Jebel smoke 65 km to the north.
– The Aquarium is just 4 km north of the port of Hurghada.
– Coral reefs.What to see:- Wadi bathrooms.
– Deir Anba Antaonius.
– Monastery of St. Paula.
– The tomb and mosque of Abu Hassan El Shazly.

Places to dive south of Hurghada :   – Magawish Island.    – El Gouna.            – East coral Belinda.       – Abu Ramada Grana Island.        – Abu Hashish Island.          – West coral Belinda. – Southwest Abu Ramada.

Places to dive north of Hurghada :    – Coral Abu beak.       – Coral Abu drop.      – Coral Abu copper.  – Coral or nest.       – Coral or the moon.  – Coral Carlos.     – Coral Aerov.        – Fanadir.        – Abu critics.    – Coral long.            – North Giftun.            – Major Seoul.     – Seoul Minor.