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Dancing Fountain

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Dancing Fountain

Dancing Fountain Hollywood Sharm El Sheikh,

Really Fun — Dancing Fountain

Fountain stream of water caused by pressure, through a narrow hole in the basin, rises to a certain level first, and then landing. The rise occurs naturally or artificially. Modern water fountains pay electricity has beautify with lights Wiczidha splendor.

This pressure in the case of natural fountain comes from the complex weight of the water in the tank, and temperature, or both together, as the water passes in underground channels that can come in the form of spring or fountain, as in the case of Hamma effervescent. What in the case of artificial fountains, the pumps that generate the necessary pressure.

Artificial fountains used for cosmetic purposes and for practical purposes. It helps to keep ponds clean and reduce the need for many of the water.  The spread in parks, plazas and shopping malls. In such fountains, the water may flow through statues or above. People enjoy watching the water and hear Chrirh. Some cosmetic fountains also provides colorful lights.    There is evidence to suggest that the Persians knew fountains since the year 4000 BC

In Europe, it has been building more complex and beautiful fountains in the Renaissance and the Baroque era from the sixteenth century to the eighteenth century. Using a complex pumping systems, where the water is converted to a wide Falls, or directs the channels to the bottom or to the top in the form of a powerful fountains.

It is famous fountains Fountain lobby of the lions in the Alhambra palace in Granada in Andalusia (XIII century),  Fountains Desth Villa Villa d’Este in Tivoli, not far from Rome (sixteenth century),  Four Rivers Fountain in Rome (seventeenth century)   Fountains of Versailles (seventeenth century too). Built the palace gardens, waters lifted automatically to the tank rises more than 150 meters above the Seine River. Fountains are spread in many of the East and the Islamic countries. In Damascus, Istanbul and Cairo examples,

Nile fountain before the island (Cairo) which is in the form of two floors: the first diameter of 9 meters, and the water goes from the center of the fountain hundred meters high and surrounded by a 16 scout electrically underwater, water overflows on another floor out of it 32 small fountain. And with 32 scout electrically under water, in the basement 64 pipe come out of the surplus, in the form of a beautiful water curtain surrounded the body of the fountain, and has 16 scout electrically, beauty, and warn boats from approaching the fountain, water and pressing the pump fountain-engine measuring 950 horsepower. 1956 was established.

In the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century centuries, fountains cosmetic maintained its role as landmarks in the basic designs of the major powers. Today Architects uses a computer to control lighting and flow and movements of the water in the fountains (and accompanying music sometimes, as is the case in Dubai Fountain), as there are other forms, such as those out of the water strongly and climb toward the sky and then very quickly back towards the Earth, such as those in the It Jeddah Jeddah Fountain, which is the longest in the world.