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ATA travel was established in 1979 (license no: 273) and since then has become one of the fastest growing travel companies in Egypt. Our reputation ensures service quality and the biggest record of reliability and trust from our agents all over the world. All our services have been launched to target the client satisfaction concepts which are our main goal .

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22 Nov

Hurghada International Airport

Hurghada International Airport (IATA: HRG, ICAO: HEGN) is the international airport of Hurghada in Egypt. It is located inland, 5 km (3.1 mi) southwest of El Dahar, the downtown of Hurghada. It is the second busiest airport in Egypt after Cairo International Airport and an important destination for leisure flights mainly from Europe.  The airport currently has two passenger...

21 Nov

Tourist attractions and sights

There are about 24 island enjoys environment plant and animal on the surface of the most important: - -- Aquamarine Island in front of Bernice Coast. - Giftun Island, Grand Giftun small in front of Hurghada coast. - Oeumangar island in front of the Sheraton Hurghada. - Shidwan...

21 Nov

Bedouin Dinner Tours

Egypt Day Tours guide will pick you up from your hotel in Hurghada or El Gouna to the Bedouin village for a tour to see their daily life activities and traditions, Another extremely popular evening attraction in the Hurghada area are the Bedouin dinner tours...

21 Nov

Hurghada Marina & Beaches

Hurghada Marina : Hurghada Marina is a rather swish and modern addition to the central district of Sigala and the town's major dining destination. At sunset, this is the place to promenade while soaking up the last of the evening light before heading to one...

21 Nov

Abu Nuhas Shipwreck / Gota Abu Ramada Dive Sites

This diving area, just north of Shadwan Island, is a fantastic site to submerge into the sea with five shipwrecks to explore. The main attraction is the wreck of the Carnatic, a UK cargo ship sunk in 1869, which is still in incredibly good condition...

21 Nov

Astronomical Nights

Hurghada's twinkling city lights may scupper any plans of sky-watching while inside the town itself, but one of the most popular night time attractions for visitors here are the astronomical night tours, where your nighttime focus is entirely on the star-studded desert sky of your dreams. Trips...

21 Nov

Camel Rides

Whether you want to go for a short stroll along the beach (great for the kids) or are looking for a longer, one- or two-hour ride into the desert, all of Hurghada's resorts offer a chance to sample camel riding. Longer trips usually head out...

21 Nov

Desert Jeep Expeditions & Quad Biking

With so much action happening in the water, some travelers forget that back onshore, there's an entire desert world to explore. One of Hurghada's most popular on-the-ground attractions is the quad biking, jeep expeditions, and dune buggying trips into the sand dune hinterland. You don't...

21 Nov

Dolphin House and Banana Boat Fun from Hurghada

Cruise over the Red Sea to spot and swim with wild dolphins, and ride a banana boat on this full-day trip from Hurghada, El Gouna and Makadi. Sail to the Dolphin House, an area known for its high density of wild dolphins. Watch for these...

14 Oct

Giftun Island

This is a sandy island in the Red Sea about up to one hour by small boats from Hurghada. It is not much to see there  except a nice sandy beach. All what might be of interest on the island is off limits because it...