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ATA travel was established in 1979 (license no: 273) and since then has become one of the fastest growing travel companies in Egypt. Our reputation ensures service quality and the biggest record of reliability and trust from our agents all over the world. All our services have been launched to target the client satisfaction concepts which are our main goal .

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Camel Rides

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Camel Rides

Whether you want to go for a short stroll along the beach (great for the kids) or are looking for a longer, one- or two-hour ride into the desert, all of Hurghada’s resorts offer a chance to sample camel riding. Longer trips usually head out to one of the Bedouin settlements not far from town and offer a chance to see the desert landscape from the high saddle. All are guided by Bedouin camel-men, so you don’t have to stress about skittery camels , and you can simply sit back and enjoy the views.

Take an adventurous trip out into the Egyptian desert aboard a quad bike and enjoy a sociable evening in a Bedouin village. Sample the nomadic traveling of old on an authentic camel ride before relaxing with a tasty barbecue as local performers take to the stage for the evening’s entertainment.

Climb aboard your quad bike on the edge of the desert and follow your guide out into the wilderness. Zip over the challenging terrain with ease as you negotiate soft sand, rocky paths, and towering dunes.

Next, exchange your motorized transport for something more traditional as you mount your “ship of the desert” and witness the camel’s ability to cross the demanding landscape.

Arrive at a charming Bedouin village and hear about the history of these nomadic desert dwellers. As the smells of the barbecue waft around the village, gaze out upon the beautiful setting sun and the rocky mountains catching the evening light, and settle down to watch as the musicians and belly dancers put on an exotic show.