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Bedouin Dinner Tours

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Bedouin Dinner Tours

Egypt Day Tours guide will pick you up from your hotel in Hurghada or El Gouna to the Bedouin village for a tour to see their daily life activities and traditions, Another extremely popular evening attraction in the Hurghada area are the Bedouin dinner tours offered by many of the resorts. For foodie travelers this is a must-do for the chance to sample the wholesome Egyptian dishes that never make it onto restaurant menus. Tours head out to nearby Bedouin settlements to feast on flavorful local cooking, later you will have a barbeque dinner with mineral water and soft drinks while reclining on colorful cushions in a traditional Bedouin tent setting.

It’s an atmospheric way to be introduced to Egypt’s wonderful array of home-style cooking, then you will have a chnace to ride a camel and witness the amazing sunset from a panoramic view, included then you will enjoy the oriental show and folkloric songs, then you will be driven back on stars lights to your hotel in Hurghada.