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ATA travel was established in 1979 (license no: 273) and since then has become one of the fastest growing travel companies in Egypt. Our reputation ensures service quality and the biggest record of reliability and trust from our agents all over the world. All our services have been launched to target the client satisfaction concepts which are our main goal .

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Discover Egypt Travel / Aswan Attraction Sites
  • Air Dome Aswan

    Air Dome is a collection of pieces of ancient rock tombs known as the Tomb of the princes

  • ASWAN Fatimid Cemetery

    The Fatimids ruled Egypt until the 12th century, when replaced by Saladin. Some of the tom

  • Aswan High Dam

    Aswan High Dam After the Low Dam was almost over-topped in 1946, the British administratio

  • Elephantine Island

    Elephantine Island Elephantine Island is an island in the Nile River in northern Nubia. It

  • Kitchener’s Island

    Kitchener’s Island Kitchener’s Island is a small, oval-shaped island in the Ni

  • Mausoleum of the Aga Khan

    This is the Mausoleum of the spiritual leader of the Ismailis, a Shi’ite sect (as we

  • Nilometers

    A Nilometer was a structure for measuring the Nile River’s clarity and the water lev

  • Temple of Beit el-Wali

    The Temple of Beit el-Wali is a rock-cut Ancient Egyptian temple in Nubia which was bu

  • Temple of Edfu

    Temple of Edfu The Temple of Edfu is an ancient Egyptian temple located on the west bank o

  • Temple of Kom Ombo

    The Temple of Kom Ombo is an unusual double temple built during the Ptolemaic dynasty in t